The Ultimate Adventures of the Teenage Crafter- First Post

^ Well that’s a pretty self explanatory title if I do say so myself. This is my first blog post (YAY!) and I hope to be able to turn this into a legitimate blog over the course of this summer. Although I will be traveling (can you say family road trip?) and moving (gross.) I hope to be able to keep posting. This blog is exactly what it’s titled, all my adventures as I create various things, along with my general adventures in life. I’m 17, going into my SECOND senior year (that’s another story) in all AP classes and freshman geography (yay moving). And I love to sew. I made my prom dress last year, which was probably the largest project I have ever tackled. Most of the sewing things that you will see here will be doll or children’s clothing, and an occasional piece for myself. As for general “crafting” prepare for hot glue. Its my best friend in the whole wide world. (I even used it on the aforementioned prom dress!) I’m a glitter and sparkles kind of girl, (and yes glitter sticks to hot glue even better than Elmer’s!). I recently decorated 3 different graduation caps for my friends and exchange student who all walked in our local graduation. I’m super OCD so projects usually take me a while to fully complete, as I have to go back and TRY to fix everything. That’s my very random schpeel about myself, I hope you enjoy this blog!



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