Easy Peasy Upcycled Burp Clothes- Tutorial

Can you sew two rectangles, and 9 straight lines? Then you can complete this project. I was rushing to make these before the recipient arrived for brunch, and totally blanked on getting the completed pictures. I made a couple, but only took photographs of a one. I got the idea for the backing of this from Made By Rae. You can find her post here:


Step 1- Choose fabric (basic calico or quilting cotton) and backing (Pick out an old t-shirt, this one was a child’s medium t-shirt, but any size above that would also work) Flannel can also work, as it is absorbent. I do not like to use fleece and everything just sort of sits on it, and doesn’t get soaked in.

20140706_175149            20140706_175207

Step 2-Cut out your fabrics- My calico was just the right size already- 10×18. Anywhere from 10-15 for the width and 15-20 for the length.Once you have the calico cut out, line it up on your shirt- keep in mind you only need one layer of the shirt, so you can cut it in half if you want. Then cut out the shape of your calico.


Make sure when you line it up, you don’t include the edging, cut that off once you have cut the rest of it out.


Step 3- Now you should have two pieces that look like this!


Step 4- PIN, pin all around.

20140706_175407     20140706_175715

Leave an opening to turn it right side out (like my markers?)


Step 5-Stitch except for the turn hole, I used about a 1/4 seam allowance. Trim off any excess of either cotton or backing.


Step 6- Turn, Press, and topstitch, and you have the perfect new fun burp cloth!

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have!



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