DIY No Slip Socks! – Tutorial!

Now you are guaranteed to see a LOT of little girl projects on this blog, but this can be both boys and a girls project! In this case, Its for a young boy, who is about 6.

I got the idea from this picture found on Pinterest:

It is from Dragonfly designs and can be found here:

She doesn’t have much of a tutorial, so I made it up as I went, following the basics she gave. I did this at night so pardon the terrible photos once again!

Step 1: Gather Supplies- appropriate sized socks, and puffy paint.

20140717_111743 20140717_111644 20140717_111607

Step 2: Cut out small pieces of cardboard, to simulate feet. I like the idea of using the glue bottle but I wanted more than one at once. Cover the edges of the cardboard with  washi tape, electric tape, or painters tape. the endges should be smooth!

20140717_112452 20140717_112448 20140717_112145

Step 3: put the cardboard in the socks and add designs! Shown here are paw prints, and right and left. But I also did the boy’s name, as well as some squiggles and such. let dry overnight!

20140717_112601 ( Here is the sock before. its on the BOTTOM of the sock!)

20140717_120513 20140717_120511 20140717_114015

Its a good idea the lay the puffy paint on pretty thick, I tried and it flattens down a lot.

Hope you guys find this useful!


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